Church Shows


Steve’s show is a powerful visual presentation of Biblical stories, truth, and principles, using juggling, magic, balloons and other creative circus arts.

A typical show is 30-45 minutes, but Steve can easily adapt it to fit 10 minutes to 90 minutes.  Multiple shows can be performed for Camps, Revivals, VBS or D-Now.

Steve tries to work with your theme, Bible verse or Bible story and can often adapt or develop material to reinforce your topic.  Every aspect of his show has a specific Biblical lesson that is communicated in a fun, interactive and creative way.

Individual shows – Here are a few of Steve’s most popular individual shows:                                                                                                                                                                                                     Trust and Obey – This highly interactive shows teaches the importance of Trusting and Obeying God.  At the heart of the message is the truth that God has a great plan for our life and we can therefore trust Him with our whole life.  The Show includes the following lessons:

  • Why we often don’t Trust and Obey.
  • How to better Trust and Obey Him.
  • What happens when we do Trust and Obey.
  • Knowing Jesus motivates us to Trust and Obey Him.

Stop, Look and Listen –  This show focuses on our need to….                                                   

  • Stop doing what we know to be wrong.
  • Look to Jesus to be our Lord, Savior, Friend and Guide  .
  • Listen to what He has to say.

The Problem of Sin – Balloon Show – Good News and Bad News are contrasted in this colorful, interactive balloon show.  The story of Adam and Eve serves as the centerpiece of this message with the following main points:

  • Adam and Eve’s sin separated them from God.
  • We all are like Adam and Eve.
  • Nothing we can do on our own can solve the problem of sin.
  • Jesus’ death on the cross provides us with a solution to the problem of sin.

Multi-show events – Here are a few of Steve’s most popular multi-event shows (These are great for Camps, Retreats, Revivals, VBS, D-Now and other events where you need multiple shows):

Faith From First to Last – Rom. 1:17

  • Faith that God wants to have and encounter with me and I don’t want to miss Him.
  • Faith that only Jesus can save me from my sins.
  • Faith to continue to trust and obey God as I grow in my faith.
  • Faith that God can use me to do great things in His kingdom.

I Get “IT” – Rom. 1:16 – The Gospel presented through the colors of the wordless book and corresponding “IT”  phrases:

  • Yellow – I Treasure – I Treasure a place called heaven with streets of gold.
  • Black – I Trun – We all like sheep have turned to our own way – we all sin.
  • Red – I Trust – I trust in the blood of Jesus to forgive me of my sins.
  • White – I Trade – I trade my sins that were red as scarlet and He makes them white as snow.
  • Purple – I Thank – I thank Him for all he has done
  • Green – I Tell – I tell other about Jesus and the message of the Gospel grows.

Jesus Loves Me – John 3:16

  • Jesus loves me this I Know.
  • Jesus loves me this I Grow.
  • Jesus loves me this I Show.

Sample illustrations:

Raw Egg Juggling
How much faith do you have? Enough to let Steve juggle raw eggs over you? If God is good, we can lay our life down and trust Him with our whole life.

Knife Juggling
Learn about the protection that comes from obeying God’s word and the danger of not obeying.

7 Different Things at One Time
A picture of the “Body of Christ.”  We are all different, but we are called to work together to bring glory to God.

The Most Important Ball
Can you point to the most important ball when Steve stops juggling?  It’s easy when there is just one ball, but what about when there are seven. No matter how many things we have going on in our life God still has to be the most important thing.


We live in a visual world where people learn 85-90% of their retained information through their eyes. This ministry is uniquely memorable because it presents God’s Word both audibly and visually. There are many people who will come to see a juggler, who would never come to a “Regular” church service.

Juggling has a way of breaking down walls in people’s lives. Often times as they laugh and enjoy the humor that is woven into this presentation, a new receptivity to the message of Christ emerges.