What others are saying about Steve’s ministry

I would like to take the time to acknowledge Steve Winger (a.k.a. The Juggler For Jesus). Steve did our Upwards awards night and everyone from the kids to the adults had a great time. Steve displayed a powerful message for Christ. He was able to tell the stories about Jesus through his juggling. Steve took the time after the presentation to speak with several of the kids who really seemed interested in his juggling. He even showed them a few tricks. I would highly recommend The Juggler for Jesus to other Upward leagues around the country.

John W. Fulwider Jr. – Co-Director for Upward Basketball
At Newbridge Baptist Church
Richmond, VA

I am writing to recommend Steve Winger, Juggler for Jesus, as an Upwards Awards Night speaker. Steve spoke at our Awards Night and did an excellent job in his presentation of the gospel message, and was very entertaining, as well. There were 40 professions of faith in Jesus Christ that evening (28 children and 12 adults).

I was very impressed with Steve Winger, both as a man of God, and as a speaker/entertainer. Steve’s skills at his craft were impressive. He presented gospel truths in a clear, concise manner, while using visuals to illustrate these truths. It seemed that children and adults could easily relate to his message, and all age groups seemed captivated by the presentation. But I was most impressed by the positive, clear manner in which he presented Biblical truths, which seemed to have a definite impact on unchurched individuals. God’s presence, power, and blessing on Steve’s ministry were evident.

Another staff member and I had the opportunity to visit with Steve in route to his night’s lodging. From that encounter we felt that we had an opportunity to get a glimpse into Steve’s heart for ministry, his love and devotion for his family, and His true devotion to God and His calling upon his life.

For all of the above reasons, I would like to recommend Steve Winger as an Upwards Award Night Speaker. Our church will certainly consider him as a future speaker/entertainer for upcoming events, and will recommend him to others.

Sharon Stary – Minister to Children
First Baptist Church
Kerrville, TX

I wanted to let you know what an incredible job Steve Winger did as our guest for our Upward awards night. We received many, many great comments regarding Steve’s performance and his presentation of the gospel. He connected well with both the children and their parents. Several people said how much they appreciated the wonderful biblical stories and principles that he was able to tie to each section of his presentation. Above all, God was able to use Steve’s ministry in combination with our upward program to touch many lives for Christ. The season, the awards night and everyone’s service through Upward was definitely used by God. Following the season, we have been able to follow up on over 150 decisions for Christ. What a blessing!

Corky Holland – Recreation Minister
First Baptist Church
Amarillo, TX

Steve was funny and clever and very creative in his communication of the Gospel. The 45 minutes flew by for small children and adults alike as he captivated an audience of people hungry for a personal message from God. I appreciated his incorporation of Biblical truth in every element of his juggling routine rather than just entertaining and tacking on a testimony and invitation at the end. He was a joy to work with and we look forward to having him back!

Melissa Elam – Upward League Director
North Parkersburg Baptist Church
Parkersburg, WV

We had Steve come and do our awards night for Upward Basketball and he did a great job for us. He kept the kids attention and did a great job of incorporating his routine with sharing the gospel. Steve was easy to work with and a blessing to get to know personally. I would highly recommend Steve for any activity where you need the gospel shared in a unique way.

Ricky Gobert – Minister of Youth and Recreation
First Baptist Church
New Braunfels, TX

I am writing to recommend Steve Winger, “Juggler for Jesus”, as an Upward Awards Night speaker and entertainer. We used him for our Upward Awards Night and were very pleased with his presentation. He was willing to accommodate his program to meet our specific needs of time and type of presentation. He shared about Jesus from the beginning to the end of his show and the gospel was presented in a clear way that all could understand.

Steve was not only great on stage, but easy to work with during the planning stages of our Awards Night. He was very personable, easy to contact and always returned calls. He provided a copy of his travel expenses up-front so we knew exactly how much his fee would be. There were no hidden costs that we encountered after the performance.

I highly recommend Steve Winger to be part of your upcoming Upward Awards Night.

Niki Allen – Director of Children’s Ministries
1st Baptist Church
Milan, TN

I highly recommend Steve Winger for any outreach event that you are doing. He has a heart for presenting the Gospel message in a very entertaining way. Our people were captivated by his program and his skills as a juggler and speaker can be clearly seen and heard. We will have him back.

Dr Rickey Honea, Sr Pastor
College Heights Baptist Church
Lubbock, TX